Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hi everyone,

My name is Letty and I am the new Young Adult library assistant. I have been working in the library for a year and a half. I have helped Dawn with some of your activities.

We have been working on a TAG election. We have changed the offices a little. We will have four officers: President-who will run the TAG meetings and be the fundraising Coordinator; Vice President- who will be responsible for making up meeting agendas and will be the phone tree coordinator; Secretary-will take notes during the meetings and write a TAG newsletter; and Treasurer-who will keep track of our finances and work with the President on fundraisers. If you are interested in running for any of these offices come to at least one of the next two TAG meetings and leave me your name and the office you want to run for.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Letty,
This is Samantha. You know running for prez? LOL Hi

Anonymous said...

yay, i am running for president!
((this is Safira..hehe))